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"Curious" was a graphic collaboration of German and Hungarian designers
in May / June, 2009, curated by Zsolt Czakó, Anikó Illés and Eva Plieske. The exhibition was held at Loffice Gallery, Budapest.

My colleague from Germany who I worked with was prof. Rolf Müller. This graphic dialogue was a great experience and below you can see the 6 step process with the final result.

Our theme and its title was "Complementary".  The first image was made by Mr. Müller, the second by myself, and so on...

  1 / Rolf M.                                                                       2 / István Sz.                                                                      3 / Rolf M.                                                                      4 / István Sz.                                                                      5 / Rolf M.                                                                      6 / István Sz.

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